House Rules

- our property is strictly non-smoking compliant with Belgian law
- pets are not permitted
- water cookers and complimentary bags with thee and coffee are available in each room.
   however, it is not permitted to use meals or alcohol brought into the hotel by yourselves.
   please ask our staff if you require room service
- all rooms are for a maximum of 2 persons, apart from room Valéry, where we can add a bed for maximum 2 children
- the rooms are only accessible by stairs, the hotel has no elevator;
- spoken language of our staff is French; 
  we do our best to bridge the language barriers, but in general we have no English speaking staff
- When transforming this beautiful building into an hotel we made all effort to increase insulation against sound.
   Still we thought it would be wise not to install TV's in the rooms to avoid any disturbances.
  Only one room (that is isolated from the other rooms by 25 inches of solid wall) we installed a TV. This room costs €5 extra.